Chara from Undertale

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Chara from Undertale

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For the Chara lovers, I have made a NSFW edit of Chara from Undertale to the best of my abilities. She "cums" with 5 positions:

1. Mating Press/Missionary (Anal only with reaction)
2. Doggystyle
3. Blowjob
4. Cowgirl
5. SIde Mating Press/Missionary
(As a small bonus, I gave her two lewd sound effects, since she doesnt have a voice or anything when she gets hit, so you can pound her away while hearing the squishy sounds :D )

(Also her palettes are random, so it's hard for me to try to get her original colors, I apologize)

If you always wanted to fuck the demon that "cums" when you call her name, well now's your chance. She's best compatible with Brian, but I'm sure we works with the other aggressors as well. Have fun! ... a.rar/file
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Re: Chara from Undertale

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Thank you!
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Re: Chara from Undertale

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Video anywhere?
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Re: Chara from Undertale

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this wont work for me
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Re: Chara from Undertale

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Working with some of my characters, but a nice character overall!
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