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Uploaded Characters on the site

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How to add content to this section? Please read this (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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Hi! :mrgreen: This section was created for all users who wants to have a role as "Uploader".

Here you can upload characters. Be the creator/editor of the characters is not required, however you need to type all the basic information about what you are uploading (character name, image, author, download link). If the character has special requirements as mugen version, extra files or settings, please type about it too.

:!: Users with an "Uploader" account in this forum may get an extra account for the main site ( HCM) to upload their characters directly on HCM and then link them up.

:?: How link them up?
You will upload and post the character on the main site (HCM) and then repost the same information on this forum, creating a new topic and adding the HCM link :geek:

:idea: So... How can i post topics here?
If you want to post in this section, please send us a direct message to any moderator & administrator or send us a message on Twitter (PM).