New Mai Shiranui Animation

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New Mai Shiranui Animation

Post by leosalvaje »

Hi, I’m not a Pixel Art artist, so I need help to get a good animation, if anyone could help me to finish it, i would appreciate it. :P

I found a hentai animation of Mai Shiranui and I wanted to share it with you as a contribution to M.U.G.E.N Community. I made some changes:

Original gif (4 frames)


This is the result:


(I made improvements in the back leg light,
tits shadow and nipple position in frame 4)

The face looked weird so I made a little
improvement (eyes position and mouth):


The files from the gifs are here:

Improvements to do:

-Add a new frame between frame 2 and 3 --- Add a new frame next to frame 4 (Total Frames:6)
-Hair movement (in front and back side)
-Ass bounce

I made this with the idea of replacing nudemaisnk doggystyle animation
but I don’t know how to do it.

Image Image Image

What do you think about it?
Please DON'T use PAINT If you want to make a hentai edit, that ruins every sprite.

Approximate example of bad Paint edits:

Good snk edit                                Horrible Paint edit (CVS)
Image ImageImage

Sorry that a didn’t post this before, I’m a big fan of Mai :oops:
but I was very busy doing academic things.
I really hope this progress, greetings from Argentina!.

Special Thanks to:
Hentai Char Mugen Forum
Mugen Archive
Andre Lopes