Can I get character moves lists

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Can I get character moves lists

Post by Doggo1 »

I’m very confused on how to execute the raper moves and even some of the combat moves. The character move sheets included in the character files are either all in Japanese, use buttons that you can’t use or configure, or both. I’ve tried looking online but I’ve found none for the 2011 version of TQOF. If someone could give me the move sheets for Kuromaru Lite, Kuromaru Plus, and Minotaur I wild very much appreciate it.
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Re: Can I get character moves lists

Post by Viket »

could you be a little more specific please about this tqhf 2011 agressor?

most agressors moves like gettag are just one buttom or down taunt

some new agressors like the futas are < > Any buttom

but the old ones requires more movement like if you was playing with a projectile character or playing a new fighting game

try v> button

or v>v> button

and v>v>v< button
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