Sex/Rape Scenes

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Sex/Rape Scenes

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I don't know how to get the sex scenes. I tried looking and doing the commands in the .cmd file of the character but without luck, and also how do I know if the characters are compatible?

The characters I used was SVC Chun Li and Terry
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Re: Sex/Rape Scenes

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Not all the characters have sexual scenes or animations, you can tell if you look at the SFF file, with a program to view them like MCM or FIGHTER FACTORY.

Within the SFF file, there are the sprites (drawings) if you see any sprite of a sexual nature, that char will then be compatible with some sexual attack, but you should also find out what char it is compatible with, if it is something complex, but nothing difficult.

In summary, not all the chars (96% of the creations) are for sexual nature, but what exists you must sometimes investigate that they are compatible.
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