Issue with language

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Issue with language

Post by howduguilt »

Hello, I am new to the forum, seems like a friendly place

I downloaded Queen of Fighters 2019 version (MUGEN version 1.1 by migue84). In that version, the menu screen is in Spanish, and unfortunately I don't speak/know Spanish. I went to the mugen.cfg file and tried to change the language there, but the language was already set to 'en' which means that the menu screen is in spanish by some other method. (Also, I just randomly tried to change to japanese to see what would happen and it just made it look glitched.) Any clue on how to change the language to English?
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Re: Issue with language

Post by Tetchi »

Hello, maybe the following could be of use to you.

Open the file system.def and find:

Code: Select all

[Title Info]  
	menu.itemname.arcade= "Arcade"
	menu.itemname.versus= "Versus"
	menu.itemname.teamarcade= "Team Arcade"
	menu.itemname.teamversus= "Team Versu"
	menu.itemname.teamcoop = "Team Coop"
	menu.itemname.survival= "Survival"
	menu.itemname.survivalcoop= "Survival Coop" "Trainig" "Watch"
	menu.itemname.options= "Options"
	menu.itemname.exit = "Salir"
Just edit as you require, in the word (s) in the previous example it would be where it is in bold
menu.itemname.arcade = "Arcade"
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