Need some help

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Need some help

Post by SpartanGames505 »

so how exactly do i unlock all the hentai scenes with Ryona Morrigan?
im getting a little tired of button mashing, so, if anyone would be kind enough to send me some command prompts, i would appreciate it, or a link to a tutorial of sorts, lol
thanks in advance
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Re: Need some help

Post by howduguilt »

If you open Ryona Morrigan's char folder, you'll find a .def file. Open that file in the notepad and check where the cmd file is located (has a .cmd extension). If you right click on the cmd and click on 'Edit' (assuming you have windows), you can scroll down and see the button combos for each move.

You can change that freely and edit the combos so they are easier to execute.
Note: be careful that your new button combos don't coincide with any other moves, or that will cause issues
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