Adding a move(New Char Seren)

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Adding a move(New Char Seren)

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I am aware this forum is being...raided at the moment. I guess I can try to intervene it haha

Tldr, there is a new char added named Seren. They have a lot of things for them, such as special intros against certain characters and so on. However I won't get too much into that can of worms but if you happen to know the more specific things about this char, do drop a tip.

For the main thing, I wanted to see if it is possible to try and add an unused move into a character's moveset. They have the sprites and animations for it, however I do not see the actual command for it, nor can I get it to happen in game. The move is pictured below.


Any help with how this can be implemented would be greatly appreciated! I do not know much about Fighter Factory at all, just to look at the sprites and such so I would not want to complicate things. This kind of help could also be applied to other chars that may have similar unused moves to them. Any help at all would be really great! character link