Tewi Inaba and Touhou MUGEN project

Progress about Characters, Stages, Screenpacks, etc

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Tewi Inaba and Touhou MUGEN project

Post by Miru »

Hello! this is my first work with anything related with NSFW or M.U.G.E.N, i plan to edit a few characters from the Touhou Project series to be compatible with Kirisame-Marisa-Love, since she is my favourite character because of the bed scenes. I don't plan to make compatibility with any other agressor because I don't know much about programming stuff in Mugen. My goal is to make an small Mugen pack with this Marisa char and others Touhou characters edits made by me. Today i made this blowjob animation of Tewi Inaba with Marisa, drawing custom sprites recreating the style of Hisoutensoku:


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Re: Tewi Inaba from touhou project

Post by Tetchi »

Welcome and congratulations, like everyone here, even without prior knowledge, we were able to make our ideas embodied in the MUGEN a reality.

If you want more enthusiasts to be able to see your work and participate, you could, if you like, share more details about what you do or how you did it.
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Re: Tewi Inaba and Touhou MUGEN project

Post by Sheeters321 »

Pictures ain't embedding anymore, though I am pretty curious as to what these current projects look like. It sounds pretty damn good too (being a Touhou enjoyer).
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