Anyway to make a character not lag?

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Anyway to make a character not lag?

Post by niko5461 »

My yagwick keeps lagging because of the flames in his hand during his stance.He runs only on 1.0 and kof memorial because in every other Mugen keeps saying character Mugen version is older so he doesn't run anywhere else.In 1.0 he lags a lot but in memorial he lags a little less but the lag is still there.Any way to fix it?
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Re: Anyway to make a character not lag?

Post by LarkinSpark »

That will require you to look into the code to figure out how the flames are spawning and either reduce the rate or set a maximum amount that can be drawn at a time. Hopefully the issue is only that mugen is spawning too many at once.

You say it happens during his stance so if you're lucky, you can just look for statedef 0 which is likely located in the common.cns file. If it's not then you'll just have to look through all of the .cns files. When you find it, you will then want to look for either an explod or a helper. Odds are the flames are being spawned by one of those state controllers.

You can open .cns files with any text editor. Just drag and drop it on to notepad(or your choice) or right click and use "open with".
statedef 0 is hard coded to be the idle state for all characters.

To set a limit, use triggerall = numexplod(ID) <= amount if it's an explod, or triggerall = numhelper(ID) <= amount
The ID number can be found just below.

[State 0, Explod]
type = Explod
trigger1 =
anim =
ID =
pos = 0,0

[State 0, Helper]
type = Helper
trigger1 =
helpertype = normal ;player
name =
ID =
stateno =

I hope this solves your lag issue.
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