Mugen Base Builds

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Mugen Base Builds

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Hey hey all this of mugen porn sounds awesome and the fact i can fuck my favorite characters whitout wait an artist do a specific animation of these characters But how im suppose to use them whitout a mugen?

Welcome and good day

Heres is a compilation of mugen build for any of your needs

WINMUGEN <--- this is mostly for fun and sfw since only old agressors/tops works in this one like kuromaru and minotaur
-Old engine but very stable
-most recently made characters won’t work on it at all
-can be ran on potatos

Mugen 1.0 <-- needed for actual agressors/tops like gettag and futacharsmaker doesnt allow maximize you must full screen whit alt enter [OUTDATED]
-all rounded engine
-works with slightly older and recently made chars, stages
-stable, most PC’s can run it
-Mugen 1.0

Mugen 1.1 <--- same as mugen 1.0 but this allow zoom maximize window and easy design of sprites resize whitout broke you head [RECOMMENDED]
-most updated engine, in beta
-works on slightly older and recently made chars, stages
-little unstable, can crash depending on how many characters you have in your engine
-Mugen 1.1

Mugen 1.1 whit slots

-This version was edited by me for new people that doesnt have knowledge of add screenpacks and new slots for people who only want add chars and stages and start having fun
Mugen 1.1 whit 200 slots


Q:How do i add in stages?

Extract the stage folder which should come with two files (.sff and .def) and sometimes a third which is music.
Open up your Mugen folder go to “data” and place the .sff and .def stage files in “Stages”.
Upon doing that go to your “select.def” folder where you place your characters and scroll all the way to the bottom where you’ll see other stage names in your mugen and type in (this is an example)


And you’ll be good to go!
Q:How do i add in music?

Same thing as stages but place the music file in “music” folder instead